Scott Disick planning next career move after reduced ‘The Kardashians’ role

Scott Disick plans next career move after ditching ‘Kardashian Family’ role

Scott Disick is reportedly planning his next career move after appearing on ex Kourtney Kardashian’s show kardashian family Reduced.

insider leaked Sun That flip it like disc The alum receives no financial support from the Hulu show and is currently focused on making his own money.

Disick said, “There’s a chance he’ll be in Season 3, but it’s going to be similar to the last season where he’s only a small part.

“Scott isn’t filming together 24/7,” the insider added.

“He’s looking for brand partnerships and his next career move, especially after his spin-off show (Flip It Like Disick) failed.”

“Scott’s minimal appearance in season 2 shouldn’t come as a surprise,” the source continued. “The Kardashians move to Hulu and Travis. [Barker] Marrying Courtney had a lot to do with it. ”

“The focus of the show is on the girls (Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall). Scott isn’t romantically involved with Kourtney, so they didn’t feel like he had a storyline.

Additionally, sources said Disick’s “tension and estrangement” from Tarvis Barker was one of the reasons he won’t be on the show.

“Travis and Scott don’t like each other at all. They can’t stand being in the same room together,” an insider leaked to the publication.

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