Selinsgrove eighth-graders hear from Valley workforce during career day |

SELINSGROVE — The Selinsgrove Area School District continues a tradition of Valley residents coming to Middle School and explaining to 8th grade students what they do for a living during their annual Career Day.

On Wednesday, guest speakers from across the Valley addressed students, and organizer and middle school counselor Scott Smolek made sure students were prepared for questions.

“36 business/community members representing 16 career clusters provided valuable career information to help 8th graders make informed decisions about their future career goals and help them develop their own ‘sparks’. “I’m very grateful that it could help identify,” he said. .

“The vocational information that 8th graders get on Career Day in 8th grade can also be used to schedule relevant courses, clubs and activities in high school to keep them on track to achieve their educational and career goals. It helps.”

Hailey Haupt, 14, of Selinsgrove, said she is enjoying her career day.

“I’m having a great time and learning a lot,” she said. “It’s definitely interesting to hear about the different jobs.”

Selinsgrove classmate William Thompson, 13, agreed.

“I enjoy listening,” he said. “I like hearing what other people are doing for their careers.”

Careers ranged from teachers, law enforcement officers, media workers, and even district attorneys.

Snyder County District Attorney Mike Pieck, along with Selinsgrove District School District Police Chief Mark Wolfberg and Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Lieutenant Levert Rice, spoke to the children.

“I am constantly impressed by the level of support that businesses and community members provide to students. We are very lucky,” said Smolleck. “Thanks to the career speaker’s contribution, this year’s 8th grade Career Day her program was a huge success.”

Winfield students Sophia Lucas, 13, and Selinsgrove student Connor Kenzieolski, 15, both said they are considering careers everywhere.

“It’s great to hear from so many people,” said Lucas. “It’s a lot of fun to hear what they’re doing.”

Kenziorski agreed.

“It makes me think about what I want to do,” he said. “But today is a wonderful and fun day for us.”

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