Sencire Harris provides big spark in first career start

WCIA — Illinois basketball took a long layoff on vacation to look totally refreshed Thursday night against Bethune Cookman.

Dain Dainja had the first start of his college career, leading the Illini in points with an 85-52 win, but the worse effect was that Sencire Harris also got the start. His fellow freshman Skye Clarke suffered a shoulder injury during practice and was sidelined.

“I thought Sensire was great,” said Brad Underwood. “Sencire provides another energy and is the best freshman defender I have ever coached. I am so proud of him and I thought he was great.”

“I’m not phasing with it. It’s clear that the defensive side brought more energy in the beginning and helped the team win,” Harris said. “My team needed me and I stepped up for them.”

Illini has almost a week off. With non-conference play scheduled, the Big Ten schedule resumes in Evanston. The Cats won East Lansing earlier this month and he’s 1-0 in the league. Game time is Wednesday, January 4th at 8pm.

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