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As the calendar turns into a new year, it is often time for people to reflect on their lives and decide where they would like to improve. More people than ever are considering their career and future options. Whether someone wants to advance in their current profession or switch to something new, the Tulane School of Professional Advancement (Tulane SoPA) provides the educational foundation to set someone up for long-term success. I can do it.

Tulane SoPA Offers Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree When certificate program They are active in a wide range of fields, including government, technology, healthcare, and the humanities. Sheila Gold, Tulane SoPA’s executive admissions and recruitment executive and her director, said successful completion of any program could be an advantage in the job market.

“For those looking to change careers, education provides a whole new knowledge base to build upon,” Gold said. “If someone enjoys what they do but wants to move up into a leadership or management position, education can help them get deeper into the field and take the next step.”

Gold said all Tulane SoPA program curricula are designed to be immediately applicable to real-world scenarios. Tulane SoPA works closely with industry experts to design courses that emphasize hands-on learning and address staffing gaps. Graduates often find jobs as soon as they complete their studies at Tulane SoPA.

Returning to school can be difficult for those who have been out of the classroom for several years. However, according to Gold, Tulane SoPA’s extensive support structure is designed with working professionals in mind. Admission to Tulane SoPA Student support staff work with individuals from the time they are unsure whether to enroll, answering questions about tuition and costs, the curriculum, student expectations, and more. Once a person is enrolled, their support continues from staff, faculty and fellow students.

“Our students have faculty advisors, academic advisors, and career advisors to help them on their journey,” Gold said. “We want them to discover their best professional selves. We are a bit more boutique so we can talk to them about their questions and get the answers they need.” We are not just interested in getting students started at Tulane SoPA, we want them to graduate and continue to be successful in their careers.”

Gold also noted that adult learners often have family and external obligations. It is known to be flexible in dealing with difficult students. Some students also pause their education mid-semester to focus on life events such as the birth of a child or an intensive work project, and resume classes when their schedules are more manageable.

“Our program is structured so that students can seamlessly integrate their education into their lives,” she said. “It’s all about accommodating and understanding everyone’s other responsibilities.”

Tulane SoPA’s student population includes everyone from fresh high school graduates to mid-career professionals to seniors working to achieve long-term goals. However, wherever they are in life, they are united by a common interest in reaching milestone achievements.

“Once someone gets that degree or certificate, it changes their beliefs about themselves,” says Gold. “It creates a sense of possibility and limitlessness. A variety of new opportunities are open to you.”

The Tulane School of Professional Advancement has programs that start in the spring, summer and fall semesters. Financial aid is available and some students receive discounts on tuition fees. For more information or to schedule a meeting with a Tulane SoPA representative, please visit: sopa.tulane.edu.

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