Stephen King Reveals the Only Regret of His Career, And It’s Not a Movie

Stephen King has had one of the most illustrious careers a writer could imagine.

In addition to being one of the most prolific modern book authors, he is responsible for some of the most popular and culturally significant books and films of the past few decades.

But success and popularity don’t always make us regret our choices (as so many works of fiction remind audiences of). Does Stephen King regret anything in his career?

Well, almost nothing. As he once said to Neil Gaiman, “If he had started his life all over again, he would have done all the same things, including the bad parts.”

But, as he quickly adds, there was one exception and one thing he regretted.

At this point, die-hard fans of Stephen King are addicted to a lot of awkward and unnecessary sex, like Tommy Knockers in his books, often believed to be inferior, and the movie’s Underage Orgies. You might think about elements of his book that many of the fanbase find finicky, including Sheen. .

Others may remember that Stephen King disliked Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining and loudly voiced his criticism of it.

But in reality, Stephen King doesn’t regret writing what he wrote – or at least he didn’t regret writing anything at the time of his conversation with Gaiman. And even though King himself was King himself, I believe Kubrick had a right to his own vision, which he very strongly opposed. No, his real regret is something else.

“But I wouldn’t have done ‘Do You Know Me?’ on American Express.” Television Advertisement. After that, everyone in America knew what I looked like.”

You can see the 1983 horror-inspired ad here.

And besides being weird and pretty badly written (“I’m Stephen King, the writer, and I’ve been stuck here for four days with no food or water”), it’s the face of Stephen King in America. We made it really familiar to many people. Many today can recognize George Martin or J.K. , made a cameo appearance as the pawn shop owner in Chapter 2.

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