Sting Has “Plotted Out The Endgame” For His Iconic Career

Sting plans the final act of his legendary wrestling career with AEW.

The professional wrestling business has produced some legends over the past few decades. Among them, Sting is arguably one of the most unique. Sting made his wrestling debut in 1985 and has worked in every major American wrestling his promotion including WCW, WWE, TNA and now he has AEW.

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Icon prepares to make his exit

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Sting recently took part in an interview with The Ringer to discuss the final years of his wrestling career. He explained that he already had a vision of how it would all end.He didn’t give too many details, but he said that he’s been working with tag team partner and protege Darby Allin. said he would like to participate in

well darby knows [Allin] will definitely be a part of it. There are no singles matches at this time.Darby is with me and I am with him and as far as I am concerned I can add more to that. [in mind] I don’t want to say it now

Sting describes how he wants his fans to remember him and the image he wants to leave behind.

I want you to leave behind memories that you will never forget, good positive memories. I want all of my fans to entertain me to the fullest, have a good time, and remember me. When history comes to an end and the last wave comes ashore, I want to ride with those who want to ride with me. absolutely.

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