Tatyana Ovechkina stayed up to watch Alex Ovechkin pass Gordie Howe in career goals, praises Caps fans for support of her son

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin His name will always be stamped all over the National Hockey League record books.

Almost every game he’s played at this point in his career seems to have dropped one more of hockey’s legendary marks. Ovi potted his career goal numbers 801 and 802 on Friday for the second-most goals in NHL history, trailing Gordie Howe by a wide margin.

Watching him beat Mr. Hockey from afar were his parents, Tatiana and Mikhail. Tatiana, a two-time Olympic basketball champion, told the Russian outlet his championship about this big milestone.

“Good game, Washington won, well done,” Ovechkina told Pavel Panishev via Google Translate. “Of course, Sasha’s dad and I watched the match. I’m so happy that the celebration ceremony turned out to be so beautiful as well. Sasha, well done, he surpassed another achievement.

Ovechkin’s parents, back in Moscow, watched their son’s game, meaning they were up from 3am to watch the game. And Ovi didn’t score an empty net to fully jump over Howe until the final moment of action.

Such a commitment Ovechkina made earlier this season, when her son again overtook Gordy Howe for the second most winning goals in NHL history.

“Let Sasha play, score, break all records,” said Ovechkina. “We won’t sleep at night when the next Washington game is on. We watched this game against New Jersey. We saw Sasha pass Gordy Howe and score a goal.” I did.”

Ovechkin listens to his mother as he continues to set records since their late-October matchup. Only the great Wayne Gretzky stands in the way of becoming the best goalscorer in the league. Great his one his 894 career as he nears his mark the capital his one the atmosphere inside his arena only gets crazier It was pretty crazy.

This is what Ovechkina noticed and admired in her Washington, DC followers.

Ovechkina said, “I’m glad that the fans treat him so well, including us who have always supported and cheered him on.

Ovechkin joked to the media after the Capitals scored two big goals to clinch the win.

“I’m going to the bar now,” said Ovechkin. “Hot dogs. Nachos. Why not?”

In fact, what was one of the first things he actually did? Call his parents.

“After the game, as usual, we called our son and congratulated each other. This is our tradition,” concluded Ovechkina. “We are in constant communication.”

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