Texans must help Dameon Pierce have longer career

It was hard to beat Dameon Pierce.

Pierce, who hasn’t played a down since the fourth quarter of Week 14 as the season ended with an ankle injury, still has fourth-most yards per carry after contact with 2.3.

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It was an impressive produce for a rookie, but it may not be sustainable for the Houston Texans’ fourth-round pick over an entire four-year deal.

According to Running Bucks coach Danny Barrett, the coaching staff is aware of Pierce’s bruising style in his rookie year and believes they can play with it to incorporate elusive elements and keep Pierce fresh. ing.

“We’ve already talked about it,” Barrett said. “Look at all the reps you did for yourself last year and see what you could change in the finish. I think we have the ability to do that, and I think we’ll see more of that in the future.”

There is evidence to suggest Pierce can add an elusive element to his game. The Florida product had the third-most broken tackles in the league with 27 and the third-most broken tackles per attempt at 8.1.

“He doesn’t just run over people,” Barrett said. “He’s going to miss guys in space, like his long touchdown run earlier this year. He’s going to miss guys in space. Went in. Those are the things we’ll see together and he’ll get better out of it.”

Pierce’s 939 rushing yards is the third-best rookie runner in Texans history and still 13th in the NFL going into Week 17.

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