The 8 ‘rarest’ types of employees—and why they ‘outperform’ everyone else: Career expert

Your strengths are the foundation of your brand, and owning them is the key to achieving success in your professional life.

As a career and branding expert who consulted with CEOs and big companies such as Google and Microsoft, he helps people discover what differentiates them from their competitors.

Are you an innovator with creative ideas? Are you a leader who inspires people to exceed their goals? Or are you a maverick? Do you stand for the opposite of everything traditional leaders stand for?

Based on my 40 years of experience, here are the rarest types of employees who are most likely to outperform anyone else.

1. Innovator

  • Times of crisis and change present unique opportunities for innovation.
  • The more complex the problem, the more excited.
  • You’re the first to ask, “Why don’t we do this differently?”
  • You can be impulsive and change your mind a lot, but it helps boost your creativity.

Everyone talks about thinking outside the box, but innovators really do. They often deviate from their own norms of thinking and are not hindered by the thinking of others.

2. Leader

  • You have what it takes to motivate and guide people to achieve and even exceed their goals.
  • Solving problems and overseeing complex plans is in your DNA.
  • There is always a clear mission that unites the team towards a common goal.
  • People see you as a big picture thinker and respond to your call to action.

In a world riddled with conflict, leaders are more important than ever. We admire not only their achievements and titles, but their ability to take on big challenges and inspire us to achieve great things.

3. Maverick

  • You are confident enough to avoid following established paths.
  • Your outsider perspective and self-sufficiency make you an independent thinker.
  • You can be aggressive, self-centered, and obnoxious, but you are also extroverted, active, and spontaneous.
  • You know how to energize your message with unusual stories that captivate your audience.

Mavericks strains bureaucrats because of its “if it ain’t broke, break it” philosophy. They are known to have polarizing opinions, but they always have loyal supporters.

4. Engineer

  • I like playing with objects, ideas, or processes to see if I can improve them.
  • When things don’t live up to expectations, we criticize ourselves as well as others.
  • You are an introvert and tend to be more of a loner than a party animal.
  • People see you as detail-oriented yet creative.

No other work personality is as methodical and process-oriented as an engineer. Engineers apply a consistent process that includes phases, steps, and procedures for solving problems.

5. Professional

  • Your special topic is your passion and you are in touch with new developments in your area of ​​expertise.
  • Your goal is to make an important contribution to your field as a professional.
  • Make prudent decisions based on in-depth research and analysis.
  • Reliability is part of your DNA.

People trust experts because they have the qualifications to prove that they know something really well. These include education, work experience, projects, awards, research, certifications, apprenticeships, and media recognition.

6. Target marketer

  • Not only do you understand your target audience, you connect deeply with them.
  • We are constantly coming up with new ideas that delight our users.
  • You are a good listener, very attentive, and considerate of your clients.
  • In return, clients trust you to put their best interests first.

Target marketers identify with and empathize with their audience. Their goal is to know them better than anyone else and to better solve their needs.

7. Elite

  • You are top class in your work.
  • You are in high demand because of your connections.
  • You love luxury and buy only the highest quality in everything to maintain a high standard of living.
  • You have never been accused of impostor syndrome. You have high self-esteem and confidence.

Elites are ambitious, determined, and know people well. They take pride in their achievements and are highly paid. In their hearts, they earned it and it’s worth every penny.

8. Cause

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