The benefits of career and technology training

Career and Technical Education Month takes place each February and is focused on highlighting the many great benefits of career and technical education programs. As part of that recognition, to highlight the many opportunities available to high school students and adults throughout Berks County due to the outstanding partnership between business and industry, the K-12 School, and his two career and technical education centers. is important.

Burks has 18 outstanding public school districts that offer rigorous academic education, a variety of clubs, after-school sports and other activities to meet the unique needs and interests of our students. Additionally, our county is fortunate to offer our students the opportunity to participate in and benefit from career and technical education at one of our two leading centers.

Both the Burks Career and Technology Center and the Reading Muhlenberg Career and Technology Center launch careers for local high school students through a comprehensive three-year programming sequence designed to deliver a high-quality, comprehensive career. We offer opportunities. Technical education programs in seven career clusters: Business and Information Technology, Telecommunications, Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing Technology, Healthcare, Services, and Transportation.

Completion of the CTE program, coupled with an excellent academic program in one of Berks’ school districts, prepares CTC graduates for in-demand careers, two- or four-year colleges/universities, or higher education institutions. Ready to continue. training center.

Additionally, students who choose to attend one of our Career and Technical Education Centers learn alongside industry experts, earn nationally recognized industry certifications, and gain co-educational work experience. Get the chance to participate and earn up to 27 college credits. in relation to high school and their high school education.

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to work on a real construction site in a student-built home on Oley’s Career Court and contribute to the NASA HUNCH program. Under the NASA HUNCH program, Precision/Computerized Machining students at the Berks Career and Technology Center manufacture handlebars that attach. You can participate in live her work opportunities that have a positive impact on the community, such as staying on the International Space Station and working with Reading Fighting Fills on the renovation of FirstEnergy Stadium.

Deciding to spend half of your regular class time attending a career and technical education center can be a difficult proposition. However, once that decision is made, students often find that career and technical education settings are what make the difference in their lives.

Laci Naftzinger, a level III welding student at the Berks Career and Technology Center and a senior at Tulpehocken High School, said: I have a great support system and BCTC has taught me what I thought was impossible. ”

McKenna Dougherty, a Level III student in the Reading Muhlenberg Career and Technology Education Center and Muhlenberg High School Health Dentistry Vocational Program, said: All of. My favorite part of the program is that I get to do hands-on things in the classroom and get a head start on my career path with great help from my teachers. ”

Our Career and Technical Education Center offers Berks County students many unique opportunities that provide them with a solid foundation to continue their education or work in in-demand careers after high school. or to begin your career and technical education journey, contact your school counselor to find out how you too can take the first steps towards a great career.

Dr. Michael Stauffer is Executive Director of the Berks Career & Technology Center in the towns of Oley and Bern. Eric Kahler is the Managing Director of the Reading-Muhlenberg Career & Technology Center.

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