The Most Popular Career Goals For 2023 – And 5 Steps To Achieve Yours

A raise, promotion, and better work-life balance are the three most popular career goals for US workers in 2023. These findings are based on a survey conducted by MoneyPenny among his 1,000 workers regardless of age, gender and occupation. Earning more money was the top priority for all age groups except the 18-24 age group (their number one priority was employment, but earning more money was scored just 2% lower).

The survey also found that the majority of respondents feel they have achieved their goals from 2022. Nearly 82% of male respondents and almost 74% of female respondents. But that still leaves her in the double digits for those who feel they haven’t met their goals. Moreover, even among those who said yes to achieving their goals, the majority wanted to achieve more. 42.6% male and 36.6% female respondents agreed with the statement, “Yes, I have achieved the career goals I set for myself in 2022.”

If you want to reach the career goals you set for 2023, take these five action steps now.

1 – Imagine it’s the last week of 2023. You are disappointed in the year. why exactly are you disappointed?

Most people are more motivated by potential pain than potential gain, so allow yourself to regret not achieving your goals. This will give you an idea of ​​exactly what you need. For example, how much raise you want, a specific promotion, and what a good work-life balance looks like. Goals need specific metrics so that you can make good plans. (If you’re still undecided about your career goals, ask yourself these seven self-reflection questions.)

2 – What can you get started right away?

Early momentum is important to encourage you to keep working towards your goals. One thing anyone can do is find a successful prototype to follow. Who got a raise or promotion at your company? Their exact playbook isn’t going to help you, but it can give you a sense of how the process works at your company or how much room there is to negotiate. (Especially if you can talk to multiple people who have successfully been promoted!). For work/life balance, your prototype is someone who has a schedule you want (how did they negotiate it?) or a routine you admire (their schedule). How did you pick up those habits?) maybe.

3 – What resources are available?

After taking these first actions, you may find that you have things to work on (like negotiations) or information you need to learn (like comparable salary data). Make a list of what you are missing and develop ideas on how to develop these skills or gather information. This will serve as a to-do list for your research. If some of these skills are useful for your job, see if your company offers training in-house or offers scholarships for courses outside the company.

4 – How will you work towards this goal in Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4?

Even if you’re not sure about every step, at least sketch out what needs to be done when. This ensures that you never miss important deadlines, such as deciding on a raise or promotion. A high-level quarterly overview can also help you stay on track and know when you need to correct course. When it comes to work/life balance, you can track the time you spend on relationships, self-care, or hobbies as one indicator of whether you’re sticking with your first goal.

5 – What do you do when you get stuck?

The question is not if we will encounter obstacles and setbacks, but when. You may not be able to see every step of the promotion process. You may not be able to get accurate salary data for your role. You may find that your boss doesn’t support your request for a different schedule or more autonomy. You can’t predict the exact solution without knowing the problem, but you can set up a support system, including people you can count on for advice, encouragement, and healthy habits to help you bounce back from your funk.

Answering these 5 questions can help you plan for the beginning of the year

This will give you the momentum to take immediate action. This means he has more time in his year to meet or exceed his goals. You may even decide to work on additional goals or treat yourself if you finish early.

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