The overlooked career of Cardinals outfielder Brian Jordan

Some elite players have been recognized and admired throughout their careers. Others, like former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Brian Jordan, have to scratch and scratch to receive such treatment. His injuries, the team’s mediocrity, and his low interest in sabermetrics at the time prevented Jordan from receiving praise from other players of the era.

A first-round pick by the Cardinals in 1988, Jordan had his first success in football, not the diamond. From his 1989 to 1991 he was a safe for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL and was voted to the 1991 Pro Bowl as a substitute. In 1992, the Cardinals kept him out of football with his $1.7 million signing bonus.

Jordan’s brief soccer career was perhaps the first obstacle to his baseball production. I was still quite immature.

In 1993, now fully devoted to baseball, Jordan broke out. He increased his slugging percentage from .373 to .543 and hit 10 long balls. 1994 was a step back in the power department, but he made up for it by developing into a strong defender and continued to improve throughout his tenure with the Cardinals.

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