‘The way it should be’

In an age of “awakened” progressivism, these traditionalists are steeped in old ways.

Regressed gender roles are ushered in by the “tradwife” trend – the “traditional wife” who tends to be a housewife and rejects modern feminism.

The hashtag #TradWife on TikTok has garnered 110.6 million views.

Estee Williams, 25, who has more than 35,000 followers on TikTok, said, “We never believed that women should work full-time if they were married or had children.” Women realize they can compete with men.Yes, but at what cost?”

“We’re seeing women step away from their roots to compete with men,” added the Virginia-based Tradwife. “It can’t be. We are women and we have to accept that.”

According to an article by the social justice research group Political Research Associates, the concept of “traditionalism” was also associated with values ​​held in the traditionalist Catholic Church.

“In some circles, being a tradwife (short for “traditional wife”) means being a fundamentalist Christian, that women should not work, should not have the right to vote, and should be fully dependent on their husbands and families.” It also means accepting that you should obey. Faith to live a happy life of housework,” the organization wrote.

For Williams, that’s especially true in her household.

“The Bible talks about wives submitting and serving their husbands and helping their spouses,” said Williams, who touts the nuclear family as a model of leadership. But I fully support traditional gender roles.”

TikTokers amass millions of views on the #tradwives hashtag to promote their niche beliefs online.
Estee Williams/Tiktok
Translator for TikTok
Some argue that being a housewife does not make women any less than men in the household, but others disagree.
Estee Williams/Tiktok

A “misconception” about the tradwife movement is that the women who model the lifestyle aren’t choosing to be housewives and are trying to impose it on others, TikToker Williams said, with more than 660,000 views. said in a video.

No one is pushing it. People usually just live it,” she said in the video.

“Traditional wives also believe in the need to submit to their husbands and to serve their husbands and families. It makes me think that you’re saying that you’re worse than .” she continued in the clip. “That’s not what we say.”

Instead, she argued that tradwives were aspiring stay-at-home moms who held to “traditional values”. She said they could co-exist, but describes the latter as “career-oriented” and “boss baby”, but maintaining a career and being a housewife is too difficult for her.

“Being a traditional wife means choosing to ignore societal norms that women are career-oriented and focus entirely on their families and their needs,” she said. “Gender roles,” Williams said.

Alexia Delarosa, 29, a self-proclaimed tradwife, told the Daily Mail that her husband “has no obligations assigned to him” and that instead she handles household chores alone. He said he was drawn to ’50s-style family life’ and wanted to model his own home in the same way.

“Matthew loves working and I love staying home and taking care of things,” the San Diego mom said of her husband. It works perfectly for us.”

Delarosa said her job as a homemaker is both “important” and “irreplaceable,” despite people’s insults that she is “turning the clock back 50 years.” .

“It’s very important to have parents at home who are always there for their children. I was a nanny, so I spent a lot of special and cute moments with the kids nannying,” she said. She said, “It was such a special time that I wanted to be there for every moment of having my own child.”

But this niche online subculture has developed more sinister connotations.

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Online tradwives openly reject the modern idea of ​​feminism in exchange for a “traditional” lifestyle.
Booking wife/Tiktok
trad wife tik tok
Tradwife prides herself on being a stay-at-home mom and abandoning modern hustle culture.
Booking wife/Tiktok

One former tradwife who has expressed that she has given up her formal title, though she still holds to her “traditional values,” said “extremists” urged her to distance herself. In the clip, she argued that parts of the Tradwife movement began to tolerate “white supremacy,” a prejudice she attributes.

It’s clear that tradwives and far-right politics are mutually exclusive, but for others, the ideologies go hand in hand.

“One of the main concerns when the tradwife movement is affiliated with the far right is [it provides] A soft face for saying something very extreme, something very dangerous. It’s very divisive and demonizes parts of our own society,” Christy Campion, an expert on extremism and terrorism, told ABC News Australia.

One TikToker likened the tradwife’s ideology to the slogan “Make America Great Again” and argued that the movement to take on gender roles has a “white supremacist vibe.”

A content creator, known online simply as Lisa, accused the woman of being “a reminder of a time when women were supposed to be submissive.” Lisa, a stay-at-home mom, said her domestic dynamics only work through the emotional intelligence of her partners who work with her like a “team.”

Like a TikToker named Bernadine who criticized feminism for demeaning women who choose to become stay-at-home moms, it’s possible some tradwives feel left out of the modern feminist movement.

Another creator named Madison built social media around the traditionalist lifestyle, as feminism pushed women into the workforce as a way to tax more people and generate more income. , denounced feminism as only benefiting “Corporate America.”

Journalist and researcher Annie Kelley recently told CNN that this so-called movement tempts young people to abandon widely held mainstream beliefs because the “conditions” of social conditions are “pretty bad.” He said he was.

Such a grim outlook “makes young people prone to looking back on the past with rose-tinted glasses,” she added.

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