This home’s builder had a long career in retail

Mount Pleasant Beautiful

Southeast Iowa Union/Mt. Pleasant News, The Mount Pleasant Historic Preservation Commission will be showcasing some of the homes featured in their 1909 book Mount Pleasant Beautiful every week or two.

In this series, I contrast photographs from 1909 with recent vintage photographs. The committee is gathering information for the eventual publication of a new book that updates information about the house still standing from the 1909 publication.

This column lets you test your knowledge of historic Mount Pleasant. The identity of the featured house will be revealed with the next featured house. The last house we were introduced to was the Palmer House. It is located at 606 East Washington on Mt. Pleasant.

Our Featured Home was built in 1906 and is modest in size than many of the homes we have featured. I purchased the premises. The following year, they sold part of the house and grounds and began planning to build on the reserved land.

William and Emma were married in 1886 at a Swedish settlement in the Four Corners area of ​​Rockridge. William had changed his Swedish-born name Jonathon to Jones when he came to this country.

William originally worked at a state hospital for several years before moving into clothing, first at Twinting Grocery and then at J. Wallbank and Sons. There he worked for 16 years before he partnered with John Lauger to set up a Jones and Lauger clothing and furnishings store in the building that now houses his Becker jewelry store.

William Jones died in 1912 and John Lauger continued the business until his retirement in 1961.

After William Jones died in 1912, his wife Emma continued to live in the house, sharing with her widowed daughter for many years. Emma Jones sold her house in 1945 and moved into her Jefferson home in North where she died in 1952. Her buyer was J. Fred Schuerman. The current owner purchased the home in 1978.

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