This Marketing Executive Shares How She Built A Career Centering The Black Experience And Why Self-Care Helped Her Do It

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Those who enjoyed the 2022 Hip Hop Awards Social Ciphers and Road To Soul Train Awards carpool karaoke-style clips featuring City Girls’ Yung Miami and music legend Babyface will influence culture through disruptive marketing. Meet Tasha Hilton, a career dedicated executive. .

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As BET’s Senior Marketing Director, Hilton is responsible for the strategy and end-to-end marketing of multi-platform campaigns that ultimately attract people to the brand, but her personal responsibilities in marketing and culture don’t stop there.

“I am very clear about what I want out of my career,” Hilton told ESSENCE. That’s great because there are a lot of really great companies breaking through the turmoil within the industry. I now have the luxury of working for a company whose culture is at the core of its core values.”

A&T State University alumni in North Carolina expanded HBCU initiatives and small Black business owners to ultimately “advance Black excellence to create a cohesive picture of our collective experience.” He added that working on ‘painting ‘is a great experience’. In her ESSENCE, Hilton has a particular focus on “the importance of unlocking layers of the Black experience through her work, highlighting diaspora, while laying the groundwork to influence the mental health status of Black people in the process.” I shared that I’m guessing.

Her journey has been an exciting one.

While studying engineering, Hilton had the unique opportunity to intern in Los Angeles as an assistant to a Black Hollywood actress, which led to a full-time job and began her journey into entertainment. This led her to work at a brand agency, laying the foundation for her career in marketing today. Eventually, she found her way to her publisher, Simon & Schuster, and gained recognition for the famous books distributed by the company. After launching a number one bestselling author for three years, Hilton turned her attention to making an impact within the media her content.

That’s what led me to join BET in 2019, and in just a few short years, I’ve already left an indelible mark.

“Throughout my journey, I’ve learned that it’s more than just a great job you can accomplish. It’s about the influence you have, how you lead your team, and how you create balance in your personal life. . .

She continues: BECA Playbook.

She explains that BECA (Black Executive CMO Alliance) is an organization that creates opportunity, access and equality for black marketers. “They are BECA Playbook By providing meaningful resources, networking opportunities, and the right tactics to successfully navigate their way, we help invest in Black leaders who have their sights set on the C-suite. ”

Hilton added: Early in my career, I had no idea about soft skills and the importance of balancing to avoid burnout. “

But just as hard work is important, Hilton also acknowledges that success requires balance, and is a firm believer in living the soft life, even for ambitious millennials. He advised the younger generation to pay attention to the noise, and their bodies.

“Our work culture ensures a demand for self-care and balance in the workplace,” she says, adding that while her work schedule can get “insane” at times, she now believes in self-care. He added that he is learning the importance of commitment to

“Balance and self-care weren’t something I would bring up in conversations with employers in my twenties because they weren’t the culture or topic. “We practice self-care in the workplace, not just because of their beliefs, but also because of the long-term adaptations it has applied to the work culture,” Hilton said. I’m still a work in progress as I’ve been slow to finish work, but I see the light and am on my way.”

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