Thursday basketball roundup: Bremigan, Siegel earn 500th career wins

RUSSIA — Russian coach Paul Bremigan and Fort Loramie coach Karla Siegel each scored their 500th career win on Thursday night.

Bremigan earned his 500th career victory as the Raiders defeated Botkins, 50-32, in a Shelby County Athletic League game at Clare C. Nabeau Gymnasium.

Russia built a 9-7 lead by the end of the first quarter, but the Trojans took advantage of a 13-11 scoring difference in the second quarter to tie it 20-20 at halftime. . The Raiders in his third he escaped with a 20–5 scoring difference.

Roni Poling led Russia with 15 points (9-1, 5-0 SCAL), with Sese Vorchers scoring 11 points.

Mullane Maurer led the Botkins by 10 points (6-4, 3-2) with Camdin Paul scoring eight.

After Thursday’s victory, Bremigan’s career record stands at 500-341. He coached the Russian men’s team for 31 seasons until his retirement after his season in 2015. He then coached Troy for four seasons before leaving after the 2019 season.

Fort Loramie 60, Houston 20

The Redskins scored a big SCAL victory in Houston on Thursday. This was Siegel’s 500th career win.

Eva Turner led Fort Loramie (9-0, 5-0) with 20 points, Skyler Albers on 17 and Avery Brandewy on 10.

Olivia Burks led Houston (3-7, 1-4) with 6 points.

A Fort Loramie alumnus, Siegel has been coaching the program since 1999. After Thursday’s win, her career record stands at her 500-120.

Jackson Center 51, Fairlawn 37

The Tigers won the SCAL game at Fair Lawn on Thursday.

McKinley Reichert led the Jackson Center (5-5, 2-3) with 17 points, while Macy Klopfenstein scored 13.

Avery North led Fair Lawn (1-10, 0-6) with 13 points, with Darcy Maxson scoring eight.

Anna 36, ​​Covington 32

The Rockets built a 14-0 lead by the end of the first quarter and held on from there to earn a non-conference victory in Anna on Thursday.

The Buccaneers pulled within 22-13 at halftime with a 13-8 scoring edge in the second quarter. Anna outscored Covington in the third round, where she was 5-4, but in the fourth she won 15-9.

Brenna Cobb had 12 points, Anna had 7 rebounds (6-4, 2-3) and Taylor Popelman had 12 points.

Riverside 54, Ridgemont 17

The Pirates won a non-conference game at Ridgemont on Thursday.

Emma Thaler led Riverside with 16 points (4-5), with Avery Park scoring 12 and Reagan McDaniel scoring 11.

Not Reported: Bradford Lehman Catholic.

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West Liberty Salem 56, Riverside 51

The Pirates lost a non-conference game at De Graff on Thursday.

Riverside led 17-12 at the end of the first quarter and 30-27 at halftime, but the Tigers took advantage of a 15-7 scoring difference in the third quarter to take the lead.

Myles Platfoot had 4 assists and 6 rebounds while leading Riverside (3-5) with 15 points. Gavin Osborne had 9 points, 2 steals and Mason Clary had 9 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks.

Russian coach Paul Bremigan (left) holds the game ball after earning his 500th career victory at the Clare C. Nabeau Gymnasium on Thursday. Speaking to Bremigan after the game is Dane his Borchers, who played for the Russian team as a senior in 2002 and qualified for Division IV provincials. Bremigan coached the Russian boys’ team for his 31 years, including 2002.

Russian coach Paul Bremigan holds the game ball after coaching Russia to its 500th basketball game victory on Thursday.

Fort Loramie’s basketball coach, Carla Siegel, is handed the game ball after winning her 500th. Her team beat Houston in Houston on Thursday.

Fort Loramie coach Carla Siegel smiles as she receives recognition for coaching Houston High School to her 500th career victory on Thursday. Ft. Siegel, a Loramie alumnus, has been the coach of the Redskins since 1999.

Jackson Center beat Fairlawn, Anna beat Covington

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