‘Tis the Season: Holiday Hang-Ups That Can Hurt Your Cleared Career

It’s a time of the year that tends to get a little crazy. Unfortunately, what happens at Holiday’s parties doesn’t always stay there. A little holiday cheer can cause a lot of employment problems in the new year.

No one is perfect, but gone are the days of being a little too hilarious and hoping your employer never knew. officially registered in This means criminal activity, major financial problems, and other red flags come to government attention. This doesn’t mean you’ll lose your security clearance or your job, but it does mean that you’ll need to address these issues if you want to remain on the government’s nice list. It’s the best way to alleviate the problem.

Here are some common holiday hangs and what you can do to keep your government job potential snow-free.

A little too much holiday spirit

You probably know someone who spends Thanksgiving through New Years riding some sort of alcohol-induced wave. A DUI can be a red flag, whether it’s a one-time incident or a pattern of behavior. Even if you only have one alcohol-related arrest for her, it can have a negative impact on your clearance if the court decides it shows a pattern of behavior.

The good news is there are steps you can take if you find yourself getting behind the wheel with a little too much holiday cheer so don’t let the DUI keep you from getting your job done. Please report it to the person in charge. Otherwise, it will be on your resume. Failure to disclose may result in clearance issues. Next, be proactive and follow court and attorney advice regarding community service, imprisonment, license suspension, and other consequences.

you are on the naughty list

Security clearance holders are not perfect, but they are held to a higher standard. Those involved in national security can be surprised to learn that their sex lives may be revealed during security clearance background checks. It can be a security risk if you want to keep secrets going on, like prostitution, swapping parties, cheating, etc.

A phenomenon that anyone can see love actually While the holidays can bring loved ones closer together, we can understand that they can leave many looking for love in the wrong places. Some people end up kissing someone under the . You might be tempted to say, “That’s not my employer’s job.” But if you’re in the military and find yourself in bed with a colleague or weaving a tangled web of trying to hide something from your spouse, you might find yourself in relationship and professional heartache. .

How likely are these issues with standard background checks? Rare. However, certain positions in intelligence agencies and positions involving polygraphs may raise questions about affairs, sex life, or porn habits. It is better to confess than to do.Harry (Emma Thompson’s husband) love actually).

when you’re a little too good

On the other end of the spectrum, we may have done a little too well this year. A favorite uncle or long-lost relative may have written a large check to put in the bank. After sending the gift, you can deposit the rest in the bank. Anything over $10,000 actually creates a flag that is reported through the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

If your cash flow has increased significantly thanks to your favorite uncle or favorite casino, you should report it to security personnel. If you’re making money through legitimate means, it doesn’t matter. But with financial issues being the number one cause of security clearance denials and revocations, the government has a vested interest in ensuring that if you get a lot of cash, you have a good reason for it. have the right

Don’t let stress or hang-ups take your hands off your carrier. CVs are designed to catch potential problems early, giving you more chances to address them. You don’t have to be good to be good. No one is perfect. If you self-report potential problems and take proactive steps to address them, you won’t have to spend the New Year looking for your next job.

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