Tom Hanks Talks The ‘Incredibly Important Movie’ From His Career That He Says No One Ever References

There are plenty of people who can name probably the best Tom Hanks movie. Whenever his name comes up, viewers probably think of hit movies like: splash, Big, can’t sleep in seattle, Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, cast awayetc. (Hanks himself has specific thoughts about his best movies and the “casual slaughter” that goes with making them.) But the films the 66-year-old actor thinks aren’t mentioned often. There’s one. So the two-time Oscar winner took a moment to highlight “an incredibly important film” during our chat.

throughout his career a man named Otto The star has proven that he can master any genre, whether it’s comedy or drama.While many of his films have been mentioned by fans, Tom Hanks feels it’s his critically acclaimed 2002 crime drama that people don’t discuss. road to ruinThe underrated gem came out during an interview with CinemaBlend’s own star. reel blend Podcast when the host called the movie one of Hanks’ favorites. Once it was brought up, the resourceful actor took the time to reflect on the film and specifically note down his esteemed collaborators.

For some reason no one mentions Road to Perdition.and it is[n] It’s a very important movie to me. Shot by Conrad Hall, it shows me in the hated ‘Don Mustache’, but also his two men who, along with Jude, have become the biggest names in the history of the film industry. I’m and [Daniel] Craig. and killed them both…

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The Sam Mendes-directed film clearly holds a special place in Tom Hanks’ heart today. road to ruin It came at a time when Hanks was churning out hit movies one after another, which only strengthened his Hollywood standing. He played Michael Sullivan, a vengeful hitman who seeks revenge.

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