Top 10 Biggest Botches Of Edge’s Wrestling Career

corner One of the greatest heels in wrestling history. In 2022, while he was still an active WWE wrestler and rose to fame during his Ruthless Attack Era, Edge made his WWE debut in 1998 during his Attitude Era.

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“The Rated ‘R’ Superstar is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame thanks to countless classic rivalries and matches with other legends like John Cena and The Hardys (Matt and Jeff Hardy). But no wrestler is perfect, and even stars like Edge, this list examines the biggest failures of Edge’s long wrestling career.

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10/10 edge splitting neck with ladder

The list of stars Edge has faced within WWE is endless. One of his often forgotten early classics in Edge’s career was his match with wrestling icon Eddie Guerrero. The No-DQ match is still an absolute classic decades later, and it was also the match that contributed to Edge’s first retirement.

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During the 2002 match, Edge received a forearm uppercut from Guerro and hit a ladder. was forced to miss a year after undergoing neck surgery after the game. His botched bump contributed to the spinal stenosis that ended his career in 2011.

9/10 Suicide Centon to Jose Estrada Jr.

Edge WWE Debut

Edge made his television debut for WWE on the following episode. Raw He fought Jose Estrada Jr. in his debut match and ended in absolute disaster. The move eventually broke Estrada’s neck and ended his career in WWE.

8/10 John Cena Superplex Bocce

Edge vs John Cena WWE Backlash 2009

Edge has faced John Cena in several iconic championship matches. It was inevitable that the pair would take up a fair amount of bocce, but they would stand out in the sea of ​​the Edge vs. John Cena match.

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during an episode of saturday night main event In 2006, Edge attempted to perform a Superplex on John Cena, but both stars fell off the top rope. Bocchi stood out in the quick match.

7/10 Batista’s headbutt

Batista v Edge Raw Jul 12, 2004

Techniques that should look like crap can actually turn out to be an episode of RawEdge and Batista were supposed to fumble a double spear in the 2008 Draft Battle Royale, making it look like they hit their heads. , and Batista made things worse by apparently returning the blade to the referee after a failed move.

6/10 edge miss orton

Edge v Randy Orton Raw Feb 1, 2021

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything for WWE. The company did away with live audiences and used fan video screens for all programming.Edge and Randy Orton wrestled in his match Raw The lack of spectators made me focus more on the match. Edge clearly missed Orton with a punch that Orton sold. The lack of an audience helped the failure become one of the more defined failures of Edge’s career.

5/10 The Cameras Miss Edge’s first spear in eight years

Edge returns to WWE

Edge’s return to WWE at the 2020 Royal Rumble was one of the biggest surprises in the company’s history. Is not … After making a big entrance, Edge ran into the ring and hit Dolph Ziggler with a spear.

It’s unclear if WWE’s cameras were mispositioned or Edge hit the spear in the wrong place, but the moment didn’t air thanks to a camera cut. , Spear was not a failure and was sold well by Ziggler.

4/10 Edge breaks Christopher Nowinski’s nose

edge royal rumble 2003 cropped

Christopher Nowinski, aka Chris Harvard, is a neuroscientist who once worked for WWE. He and Edge have never faced each other, 2003 Royal Rumble.

Edge and Rey Mysterio were to take drop kicks from the top rope. Edge jumped late and eventually landed on Christopher Nowinski’s face, breaking his nose. is more serious than you think.

3/10 Broadus Clay Spear

Brodus Clay Alberto Del Rio Edge

Edge isn’t the first person to use the spear, but it helped the move become iconic in an era of ruthless aggression. contributed. A week before he announced his retirement, Edge speared Brodus Clay outside the ring, apparently torturing him.

2/10 Edge misses Seth Rollins stomp

Edge Seth Rollins WWE Crown Jewel

One of the best rivalries in Edge’s career was his 2021 feud with Seth Rollins. Crown Jewels 2021During the Hell in a Cell match, Edge performed a Curb Stomp to reverse Rollins script.

The move clearly failed as Edge put his foot on Rollins’ shoulder, but Seth sold Carb Stomp’s head move. It was one of the few major failures of their great rivalry.

1/10 Edge Spear/Hug Chris Jericho

Edge Soft Spears Chris Jericho 2010

Edge’s Spear allowed him to win 11 world titles during his WWE career. Not all spears are as iconic as Jeff’s Hardy spear atop the WrestleMania 17 ladder. In fact, one of his worst spears of his career took place in 2010 with Chris in Jericho. Night of Champions 2010, Edge performed a spear and turned his back on Jericho. The failed spear looked more like a soft embrace than the legendary devastating move.

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