‘Unstoppable, Unbeatable’: Before Her UFC Career Ended Tragically, Ronda Rousey Likened Herself to God-Like Superhero From DCU

Ronda Rousey She was the first UFC female bantamweight champion and a pioneer of women in martial arts.In her book My Fight/Your Fight, she talks about feeling like Superman during the UFC strike. increase. Additionally, in her book, Rowdy, she discusses her senses that give her the power to experience. She felt it when she came out in the octagon and was ready to fight the enemy.


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According to Rousey, strikes were an important part of her fight preparations. No music, no nonsense talk, no one joking.


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Rousey’s strikes have been a defining part of her UFC career as they have consistently brought energy and excitement to the Octagon. She often entered the arena to the sound of her signature entrance music, “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett, and strode down the aisles with her confidence and determination.

Ronda Rousey felt like ‘Superman’

Rowdy’s book My Fight/Your Fight is a memoir chronicling her journey. It encapsulates her journey from her struggles as a child to winning as her first woman. UFC Championship. In addition, we provide insight into her personal and professional life, including her thoughts on her love, family, and passion for martial arts.

she said, “Leaving your hotel room feels like Superman has stepped out of a phone booth. do not stop. invincible. Instead of an S, he has the UFC logo emblazoned on his chest.

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She also explained that she makes a mean face when she leaves the room. Rousey’s The ability to harness this sense of power and determination was a key factor in her success as a fighter. She became known for her outstanding performances in the octagon and quickly rose to the top of the sport, establishing herself as a trailblazer for women in martial arts.

Rousey explained her team’s focus in the locker room.

Her book, The Arm Collector, shared insight into what her locker room was like and how focused her team was before games.


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she said, “Rener, who trains me in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, rolls and rolls banners with sponsor logos that appear behind me in the cage. He wants the banner to be well positioned so that he can unfold it with a flick of his wrist.

Martin, who trains me in wrestling, is disturbingly calm. His judo training partner and his childhood friend Justin rubbed his hand worriedly,‘ she added.

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 27: Ronda Rousey speaks for her fight against Holly Holm at UFC 183 at the Glendale Fighting Club on October 27, 2015 in Glendale, CA Speaking to the media at a press conference. (Photo by Harry Howe/Getty Images)

Despite eventually retiring from the UFC, Rousey’s impact on the sport and how she inspired other women to pursue their dreams in martial arts will always be remembered. Her powerful strikes and sense of invincibility continue to inspire and motivate people to strive for her greatness.


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