Vermilion Catholic’s Kim Guidry hits major milestone of 900 career wins

ABBEVILLE — Starting her career 38 years ago, Kim Guidry, a Vermilion Catholic, wanted to start a new culture.

“For her, I think it means more than that, because if she was able to do it in the old days, it shows how she can still do it. .

Following a rather unique path that most people call her “Gidge”, she was appointed head coach of women’s basketball in 1984. But what she had was passion.

“I didn’t. I just loved the game,” says Guidry. “I wanted to be because when I was in high school, our coaches were all-male coaches and they got the ball rolling and they weren’t worried about you.”

The start of her new role followed the birth of Title IX. Gidley says the tenacity of the late Pat Summitt was the inspiration for his new path.

“Because of Title 9, they didn’t have a single woman on staff, and it was my alma mater, so I took it. I said I wouldn’t be able to coach.So they gave.I’m a tennis and cheerleader and I was happy with it. I’m a huge admirer of her because I think she set that role.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Guidley kicked off the new year with his 900th career win with the Lady Eagles.

“After the game, she… Now you’re out of history and my legacy. You’re the 900th win. Someone posted about Gidge’s 900th win and all the comments of the people she coached I had to look up the teachings and experiences with her.”

Guidry, who shows no sign of slowing down, is grateful for her career accomplishments so far, but she says the key to her success has been the work of her daughters, past and present.

“It’s for them and the legacy they left behind. Why do you think we name the banner? Because we want everyone to know who on that team did what. They I just drive the bus, I can’t play, I can’t shoot, so it’s for them.”

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