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Something revolutionary is happening in Montgomery County.

Crawfordville, Indiana (WLFI) — Something revolutionary is happening in Montgomery County.

VisionThree, an immersive experience company based in Crawfordsville and Indianapolis, is launching its first-ever VR Career Lab. The project name is “V3CONNECT”.

The goal of this project is to harness the power of virtual reality to create jobs and sustain degree programs in your hometown instead of attending a classroom. It’s early days, but Mayor Todd Barton says we may see more VR classes in the future.

“We think we’re headed in that direction, and we’re in the early stages right now. So we’re going to be one of the pioneers exploring this…” We know it opens up so many opportunities in the realm and the other side of this is the opportunity to promote our community in virtual space to people who may not be able to visit physically. is the community of

Mayor Burton says it will make it easier to explore different types of career fields.

“It’s really limitless. That’s really the beauty of it,” he said. They can go places they couldn’t go with, and they can experience it in a virtual realm.”

The City of Crawfordsville will also launch the “V3 Main Street” program in partnership with V3CONNECT.

It not only presents a virtual city tour, but also showcases career and benefits opportunities in Crawfordsville.

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