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Joe Walker had a great year by bowling his first career 800 series, the 813, in the Classic League on Monday night, earning Men’s Bowler of the Week honors.

Alexis Rank completed 698 series in the Sleeman Major Leagues and earned Women’s Bowler of the Week honors. Right behind Walker was Jon Heck’s 803, his third straight of his 800 series at the Monday Night Classic. This is his local record for most consecutive 800 series in the same league.

Noreen Smith’s nifty 269 in the Faxon Classic League beat all the women in the high game. The Intercommunity League saw Keithback and Tony Bixby hit his 300th and two perfect his games. However, in the Faxon Sports League, Mike Frost put his elusive 10th pin on his 12th ball in his second game and had to settle for 299. In the Harvest Moon Youth League, Isaac Toner put out a 722 series at his 279-game strength. .

Below are the other best scores available in each local league from last week.

HARVEST MOON: Monday Night Classic: John Heck 290; Intercommunity: Tony Bixby 794; Sleman Major: 12/30: Brandon Rank 690, Dave Miller 280; 1/6: Brandon Rank 791/279; Youth: Ashlynn Robinson 499/190; Saturday Night Moonwriters: Brad Pepperman 758/279, Rhonda Harris 697/205.

ABC: Wednesday night women: 12/28: Christin Kiper 459/181; Thursday night men: 12/29: DeWayne Harris 694, Jim Horton 287.

FAXON: Faxon Sports: Daniel Splain 701; Faxon Classic: Robert Walters 728/277, Noreen Smith 621; Susquehanna Health: 12/21: Eric Springer 705, Kara Anderson 581/234, Tyler LaRivière 287; WEDNESDAY WOMEN: 12/21: Cheryl Martin 590/203; 1/4: Bethany Macdonald 517, Brandi Hess 203; THURSDAY MORNING MIXED: 12/22: Brenda Braunauwell 581, Pat Eckman 652/234, Marilyn Kidd 205; 1/5: Judy Law 507/226, Pat Eckman 758/287; Mighty 8: 12/22: Kayla McKillen 555, Michael Marino 691/248, Kristin Kuiper 200; 1/5: Brenda Peterman 552/212, Mark Nogle 657/255; Diane Fox Memorial: 12/22: Bo Vincennes 653, Kevin Fountain 259. Jan 5: Josh Rogers 744/288; Noxav: Dec 23: Alison Prince 535/209, Robert Walters 710/279; Jan 6: Matthew Rogers 698/288; Retired: Tim Martin 670 /238, Chi Chi Whaley 529/245; Youth: 12/17: Conner Anthony 570/219, Karima Beckett 549/200.

Ever wondered if one or more pins in your ruck are out of place? Rule 7A of the USBC Rulebook makes the determination of whether a pin is set improperly based on the current bowler’s hand on the lane. entrusted to That bowler can insist that the pins be re-spotted before delivery. Otherwise the setup is considered acceptable.

Delivery and resulting pinfalls count regardless of improper setup, unless one or more pins are missing after delivery in a complete setup or to make a spare.

A pin that has been moved out of play but not knocked down as a result of the first ball must remain out of play for a backup attempt unless knocked over by the pinsetter in an attempt to set it in an off-spot position. . The pin should reset to its original correct location.

See you in the lane.

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