What kind of support do you want in your real estate career?

I worked multiple jobs to start my career. But the corporate team structure and rules were holding me back. ” Fallon Collins got his license five years ago. At RE/MAX Ready, she built what brokers call “a great business.”

My road to success was independence. At RE/MAX Ready, I found it along with the work-life balance I’ve always wanted. ” RE/MAX Ready is where every agent grows, learns and thrives in their own unique way.

in short? Get the support you need to succeed. Managers Eric and Matt are natural mentors and teachers who keep me informed, answer any questions I have, and are available 24/7. ” Support and mentorship is what makes RE/MAX Ready stronger in all markets.

Some brokers actually ask their agents for advice and support! Owners Eric Rehling and Matt Mittman are certified and experienced real estate instructors dedicated to the success of every agent. The agent team can always rely on experience and knowledge.

At the end of the day, Eric and Matt simply offer great value. Our office her manager Ursula Campbell is incredibly professional. She is a big part of why we were named her Brokerage Of The Year. ”

Fallon’s message to agents seeking change—”What kind of support can I get? do you need it? do you want? Don’t settle for second best. Success with RE/MAX Ready. ”

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