When is a college degree a career requirement?

D.Year JT & Dale: My son is in the third year of high school. He declared that he did not want to go to college. Instead, he gave him the money we had set aside for college and asked us so he could start a business. We told him that he would have to find a job and start a business as a side business, but if he could make it profitable and come up with a business plan, we would consider it. I thought I’d persuade him to go to college—but he agreed. We want him to get a college degree. Any advice? — Marie

JT: Many people are now wondering if they need a college degree. Many big companies are finally starting to abandon the degree requirement. According to the National Ad Council, he has 70 million STARs working in the United States. This is Skilled Through Alternative Routes. Why don’t you let your son continue this for his year and decide if it makes sense to go to college for business or a certificate that will help him reach his goals Or maybe find an apprentice. Times are changing. He may end up saving you a lot of money in college.

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Dale: JT is correct in that it does not require a degree. Entrepreneurial teens that degrees matter, not if you throw Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah, Steven Spielberg, and a long list of other non-degree high achievers into the discussion. There is no way to convince Ager. With that said, I’m with you on being a college education believer. – a love of friendship, adventure, social life and learning. what would he give it up for? Appearing in “Shark Tank”? Perhaps we can find a way to amend the contract to include taking some courses while he’s in college and working on his business. not. No, bring him to campus to experience the converging magic of intellectual and social awakening.

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