Where is the class of 2018 now? Yale’s “Four-Year Look” at employment

Yale University’s Office of Career Strategy has published a report on career choices for the 2018 Yale class.

James Steele

January 26, 2023 1:57 AM

Contributing reporter

James Steele, Contributing Photographer

Yale University’s Office of Career Strategy recently released the Four-Year Perspective, a report on the career progress of the 2018 Yale class.

This report compares data collected from the 2018 class at graduation with data collected four years after graduation. The report collects data on employment locations, most commonly attended colleges, employer size, salaries, job satisfaction, most commonly sought employers, and most commonly pursued advanced degrees. doing. This report additionally contains all these metrics broken down by measure.

David Halek, Director of Employment Relations at OCS, said: “For example, data science talent is sought after in all kinds of companies. Someone with an engineering degree might not work for a bank, but for a traditional technology company like IBM or Google. Hmm.”

These reports have been published annually for six years, with the first report published for the 2013 class. Comparing previous reports with recently published reports shows a marked change in the graduating class’ interest in employment and advanced degrees.

In all years surveyed, Google is the company that hired the most Yale graduates after four years. In the 2014-2018 class, his 2017 is the only time Google’s best employer status has been suspended. Dames said this was likely due to his COVID-19 pandemic. The report shows that Google is back as a top employer as uncertainty from the pandemic subsides.

“I have a lot of friends who graduated from Yale and then worked at Google,” said Sophia Lee ’23. “It’s been a pretty common pattern the whole time I’ve been here.”

Over time, I moved away from the technology industry, but gradually found more and more work as a computer programmer and engineer. Between his class of 2013 and his class of 2018, tech employment dropped from 17.5% to 15.7%. Functional roles in computer programming and engineering were positively reflected by roughly the same proportion of changes over the same period. These changes are less than 2% per category over the 5-year period.

Some students are looking to graduate school after graduation rather than the changing job market.

“Graduate school is always a big number when you look at the last four years,” said OCS Director Jeanine Dames. “About 15 percent [of Yale College graduates] Has completed [an advanced] A further 35-40% go on to graduate school after earning a degree.

17.4% of the graduating class plan to enter graduate school soon after graduation, and 16.2% of respondents currently have a higher degree. 45.3% of respondents indicated that they do not plan to pursue higher education.

Of the advanced degrees pursued, nearly one-fifth of graduates have a master’s degree or are in the process of earning a master’s degree. Law, medicine, Ph.D., and MS degrees continue to be closely followed. Together, these degrees accounted for her 81.2% of respondents seeking an advanced degree, while all other degrees contributed only the remaining 18.8% of her.

This report analyzes employment data by function and industry. The data listed under “Function” details the type of work employees perform, while the data listed under “Industry” reports on the financial sector in which their work is performed. Software developers working at Goldman Sachs are categorized into ‘Programming/Software Development’ by function and ‘Financial Services’ by industry.

Finance, law, consulting, research and education make up the top five most popular employment functions. Computer science and engineering make up the majority of majors at Yale College, but only 4.4% of his respondents work as software developers, and even fewer work as engineers.

Among the various verticals, financial services, technology, education, healthcare, and consulting are the most common.

The Yale University Career Strategy Office is located at 55 Whitney Avenue.

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