Why James Cameron Was Told Aliens Would Be A ‘Career-Ender’ For Him

It’s rare in Hollywood to make a sequel to a movie that is more, if not more, appreciated than the original. It’s even rarer if the sequel in question is either predecessor. best sci-fi movie Always Ridley Scott alien. But that’s exactly what James Cameron did with his third directorial effort. alienThe 1986 follow-up didn’t ditch all the horror vibes and tension of the original, but it did ditch the slasher vibe. action movie territory Expanding the Ridley Scott Myth world.But it was not a foregone conclusion alien A career high for Cameron. In fact, according to Avatar Director, he was told that the sequel would be a sure “career ender” for him.

empire set out to do the most epic interviews to celebrate the release of Avatar: Path of WaterJames Cameron’s first film in 13 years. The magazine asked Hollywood celebrities to ask the legendary filmmaker the question they’ve always wanted to ask. Last night in Soho Director and film lover Edgar Wright titanic If the director felt uneasy about trying a sequel alien. This question prompted Cameron to talk of a meeting with a “big shot” producer. He was told in no uncertain terms that the project was a win-win for him, but the possibility of a “career ender” didn’t frighten Cameron, a vision he saw clearly in his head. did not pursue He said:

When I was getting started on Alien, I had lunch with a big name producer. If your movie is good, Ridley will get the credit. If it’s bad, it’s all you. It’s a career ender. I said I may have been a dumb fanboy, but it was so clear in my head that I had no choice but to make it.

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