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Wilmington resident Olivia Wingate patiently sat in front of a large crowd that included her parents and three siblings at the Pennsylvania Convention Center as part of the annual Women’s Soccer League draft.

It was the organization she expressed the most interest in for Thursday night’s event in Philadelphia.

Courage had three first-round picks, and Wingate thought he would be No. 9 or No. 11.
– So much so that she walked up to the stage and forgot to share a special moment with her parents, Stephen and Carol.

“I honestly didn’t expect my name to be called by that number. I knew they were interested and really liked me.” So when they called my name
I got up and was a little shocked. They also had picks 9 and 11, so I figured I’d probably be there and didn’t expect to go for their first pick. I got up and tried to go[to the stage]but I was like, ‘Wait a minute, my parents are here,’ so I turned around and hugged them and went on stage. I was pretty shivering to go there. I was very nervous, but it was a great experience. “

Wilmington’s Olivia Wingate is all smiles after being drafted by North Carolina College Thursday. (photo courtesy)

When she makes her official college debut this season, Wingate will become the first woman from Wilmington to play professional football in the United States. Former UMass Lowell standout her Kat Strazzere, where she played for a year.

“It means a lot to me. I really hope that many young girls and young athletes in towns like Wilmington can understand that if you have a dream, if you have dedication and resilience, you can go anywhere.” “I hope it resonates with them and I hope it gives them confidence in their careers.”

Wingate excelled at every level she played. She was a member of her under-16 and her under-18 US National teams, and recently completed her five-year career at Notre after two years at the WHS.
Dame University. At WHS, she was named Middlesex Player of the Year in the league she was named twice and in her senior year Division 2 Eastern She was named Massachusetts Player of the Year and the Sun’s Player of the Year , All She was New She was also named England. team.

From there, she went to ND on a full athletic scholarship. She appeared in 95 games and started 74 of them. She scored her 26 goals, including her 14 goals in her last season with the Irish Fighting.she also had 11
Her career assists totaled 63 points.

She earned first-team All-ACC and United Soccer Coaches third-team All-America status after earning third-team All-ACC and All-Region honors in 2021. Out for the 2022 season. And now she’s ready to embark on a professional career.

“We’ve obviously played a lot of matches at Notre Dame, so it’s a familiar place in Cary and the (Wake Med football) stadium is phenomenal,” she said. “The fans, especially Courage Country, are incredible. want to control.
and follow you It’s something I love too, so I’m excited to be a part of something like that. A very strong organization and happy to grow, learn and start from all the experienced players. “

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