Witmer’s Wisdom: How to Avoid Getting ‘Stuck’ in your Ultimate Career

3 Reasons Players Get Stuck in the Ultimate Career and How to Avoid It

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Short but ultimate frisbee career. We want to help you make the most of it! Especially if you got off to a late start or didn’t have access to good coaching early in your eventual career.

Since we launched the first iteration of UAP Premium four years ago, we’ve discovered a few places where players often get stuck when transitioning from one level of play to the next.

Here are some places where players often get stuck when going from one level to the next. And some tips to avoid that fate.

1. Get stuck in athleticism

This may come as a shock to some. We are renowned for our strength and conditioning programs, which have helped hundreds of athletes and teams reach their first national competition.

For many athletes, more athleticism is what they need to reach the next level. This is especially true for athletes at the sectional or regional level. With your skills and gaming IQ, you can build a national team roster in just one season of UAP Strength and Conditioning or another quality training program.

But if you’ve been on a program designed for athletic performance for more than two seasons, you may be nearing the peak of your athleticism.

Getting your first results from an athletic performance program can be a lot of fun. You turn into another athlete. However, players often get stuck obsessing over their athleticism when they no longer need to focus. We are very close to building the team we want in tryouts. It may seem like all he needs is an inch longer in the vertical, or a little more speed.

Yes, it may still be possible to find some benefits, but it will always cost you time and attention. If you keep trying to achieve another inch of vertical or another PR in your deadlift, the time you invested may reduce the return on

For advanced level players who have already been on an athletic performance program for over a year, there are two areas that are likely to hinder their performance.

What could be happening:

  • Your mental game is an obstacle. Sometimes we don’t get to the next level because we don’t really believe we belong thereAnd weak mental games often lead to perfectionist behavior, working too hard to reduce earnings or trying to improve vertical jumping ability by an inch.
  • To tell the truth, Everyone I’ve worked with at an advanced level needed mental training to play confidently at an elite level.But another area that is likely holding you back from gaming is your Gaming IQ. And as much as I blame my speed, agility, etc., I’m not asking for an improved ability to predict what’s going on the field. You can’t concentrate as well.

For advanced motorists (or anyone else), this is your wake-up call and a great opportunity to change your approach and break the deadlock!

You guys are the main reason I created UAP Premium. I noticed that some athletes (myself included) weren’t athletic enough and started asking why.In January we will be launching a new version of the UAP Premium program. I will talk more about how the program works to those who have signed up for our waitlist.

2. Underperformance

This issue is common among mid-level ultimate players. You’ve reached a pretty decent level of play. Sometimes you have had some nagging injuries by now. And you are not as young as you used to be. So… it’s normal to be a little slower and more prone to injury, right? Maybe you’re already maxing out what you’re capable of on the ultimate field.

When you’re surrounded by other athletes, you may find that some people don’t seem to have to work hard for their athleticism. is easy.

But what many athletes don’t understand is how much difference the ultimate specific athletic performance program can make in the life of the ultimate player.

Especially if you’re at the intermediate level, just one season in our expertly designed S&C program can get you to the top of the roster or to a national team.

If you’re generally in shape or have some weight room experience, you’re a perfect candidate for a well-designed program. It will be different from what you are used to. But if you trust the process, you can even build a national team for the first time.

3. Don’t be honest in your work

Everywhere I go people ask me about my low release forehand.

What was less impressive was the amount of time I spent finding balance in that deep lunge. I’ve had thousands of ugly throws used to produce one consistently unstoppable throw. did not.

The truth is that if you want to progress from a beginner or section-level athlete to a regional or advanced-level athlete, there are some skills you need to work on.

When These elite-level skills are typically acquired outside of regular practice hours..

With proper concentration practice, I believe most people will have elite level skills at their fingertips.

From beginner to national level in less than 6 years

This is a bold claim, but I believe it is possible. If you’re committed to your journey, a committed player can become a novice-level to national-level athlete in less than six years.

Also, it’s much easier to work with a program than trying to do it yourself. If you’d like to start (or continue) that journey with me, click here to join the UAP Premium Club waitlist. We are looking to recruit new members in January. Be the first to know when it will open and be eligible for early bird pricing.

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