Wooster beats Ashland for Snowbarger’s 200th career win

Friday, January 28th

boys basketball

Worcester 66, Ashland 65

Wooster fought back from a fourth-quarter deficit, defeating Ashland to give Michael Snowberger his 200th career victory as a high school head coach.

No statistics were provided.

Northwestern 65, Waynedale 64

Northwestern: Brett Alberts 26 points; Jacob Ward 12 points, 13 rebounds. Brandon Burnett 10 points and 7 assists. owen ferriman 7

Waynedale: Trey Berkman 19 points, Mark Yoder 11, Jake Koblenz 10, Jaden Zarcher 9, Gavin Spitler 8, Matthias Leiber 7

Smithville 70, Hillsdale 36

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