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(note the language) Most artists are influenced by artists before them.of DrakeIn the case of Fabolous It made a big impact on his career.

Drake took to his Instagram story on Sunday to share a past photo of Fab, revealing that Brooklyn rapper Fab “couldn’t be anywhere without her.” I really understood how much it affected ,” continued Drake’s note.

He followed up with an old photo of Fabolous in an Orlando Magic jersey and a 2005 Smack DVD magazine cover photo of Fabolous, stating that he “wouldn’t be shocked**” without him. rice field. 112debut album and its hit song “Cupid”.

Introducing Drake and Fabolous dream2009’s “Throw It in the Bag (Remix)” and its remix Chris Brown2010’s “Deuce” years before Drake appeared in Fab’s shadow in a 2014 interview.

Per XXL, Rolling Stone asked Drake: Kanye WestAfter looking at the lyrics of Yeezus, he said, Come on man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say shit like that. Drake denied commenting on the Ye album and called the press a bad guy.

Fab later revealed that Drake apologized for the whole situation.

“I talked to Drake after a while…how was he sick? [the] The press kind of instigates a story — to make it a story, make it look worse than it used to be,” Fab explained to MTV News.

“He even apologized for me getting into that mess,” he continued. He told me the truth, so I’ll move on from there.”

In 2018, Drake recreated one of Fab’s throwback looks for a 2000s-themed birthday party.

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