WVU Medicine at Camden Clark holds career expo at Grand Central Mall

VIENNA, WI, VA (WTAP) – WVU Medicine in Camden Clark is hosting a career expo to bring new workforce to its facility.

Officials at Camden Clark Medical Center say many facilities are understaffed. As such, the group wanted to open up to the public how to fill these positions.

Workforce development program manager Candy Gillespie said the medical center sees a lot of need in both medical and non-medical areas.

“So we have the whole range. We have vacancies in food, housekeeping. Nursing, radiology, all the way down to technician labs. We have a wide range of positions available. They are all available on our website. ,” says Gillespie.

Gillespie said the reason for the opening was a shrinking workforce seeking to hire and expand Camden Clark Medical Center. She says the expo has been a success, with many people stopping to gather information on how to apply.

If you would like to learn more about how to apply, please click here for more information.

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